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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Ed Hardy, new audience...

Recently Ed Hardy has been making his name known throughout the clothing and perfumery industry. Yet his attention has now fallen on the cross stitching community. Turning his designs into cross stitch patterns and collating them all into this gorgeous book, 30 charts in total.

30 cross stitch patterns from Ed Hardy

Available in the US $14.99 or Canada $16.99 I would love to get my hands on it although living in UK means it would probably add a hefty postage cost on top.

What will he do next???

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Style Redux: Peacocks

Came across this blog today whilst researching Sarah Jessica Parker and Alexander McQueen for a year 8 project and just adore the dress SJP is wearing! Gorgeous as always Alexander McQueen's dress is made of 2 lace peacocks in black and is beautifully stunning!

There are also some other pieces inspired by peacocks by other designers.

Now why didn't I come across this whilst I was researching for my final collection at University??? Lots more ideas now though so maybe something good will come from it after all.

Style Redux: Peacock

Thanks for looking.
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