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Friday, 28 October 2011

2 more happy customers

I have also had two Etsy items arrive with their new owners who are thrilled with them, both purchased as gifts which is just wonderful!

Firstly my one-of-a-kind flower bookmark.

And secondly one of the Marc Bolan guitar books.

I'm so happy! I just hope my new items are popular too.

Abstract Attraction Treasury #9

I had to create this treasury after seeing all the gorgeous work today. They aren't in the same format or media but the colours are as vibrant and they give off the same movement as Kerry's pieces. I hope they can do it some justice...

Kerry Barnes Artist

Today I took Joey to Orpington and came across a little gallery called Art Style. I just had to stop and sit for a while looking at the artwork on display.

The work dominating the gallery was that of Kerry Barnes an abstract Resin artist with a background in science and microbiology, merging science with her art.

It flowed like it was alive, spilling across the Canvas, pulling you in closer and closer, wanting to touch it, feel the texture. It has a silky sheen and liquid effect, due to the media being resin, although there are multiple colours and in some places even glitter. Where some of them appear to be very feminine in colours and shapes, there are also masculine pieces.

A few of the names of her pieces include:
Atom which is actually my favourite piece form those displayed.
War of the Worlds Sea Dragon, which despite the fluidity of the piece you could see the dragon trying to pull itself from the canvas.
Mars, brown and gold colours on a black canvas, reminding me of the chocolate mars with its marshmallow and caramel interior.

Prices do not exceed £420 and are very reasonable when you take into account the materials and time of both mixing, pouring, merging and drying of each piece. Take a look at both the links I have provided above and see for yourself what an amazing artist this lovely lady is.

Another link for the Artist:

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

It all started with a Big Bang Treasury #8

As I absolutely love the show I thought I would make a collection of items to represent it so for all you Big Bang Theory fans out there, ENJOY!

Dreaming of A Fairytale ending Treasury #7

I'm still waiting for my fairytale ending so here is a list to get you dreaming of yours.

Time in my Pocket Treasury #6

Steampunk inspired jewellery using watch pieces, how do you keep time?

Skull Candy Treasury #5

The theme Day of the Dead is present here with all these pretty skulls.

What A Hoot Treasury #4

I am hooked on making treasuries now and it's proving to be such a good way of networking on Etsy!

Trick Or Treat??? Treasury #3

Here's a halloween inspired treasury to get you in the mood for this month's theme.

Etsy's Doodle Gods Treasury #2

Another treasury list which again I really enjoyed putting together, I hope you like it too.

Prancing Peacock Treasury #1

My first ever treasury and I thoroughly enjoyed putting it together.

What do you think?

New Etsy items

Snowy white bracelet with ice blue beads.

snowy white bracelet

Twilight inspired jewellery.

I love Jacob twilight charm bracelet

I love Edward twilight charm bracelet

Doodle books previously mentioned below.

Hope you like the new items.
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