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Monday, 19 July 2010

Resin 1st attempt

On Friday I attempted my first ever batch of resin moulding and unfortunately it did not go well.

Firstly I mixed the resin ratio 1:1 as the instructions in my book told me to however I later found out from the supplier that the resin and hardener should have been mixed as resin 100:1 hardener. And so I believe the resin was far too runny to harden properly and has turned to an almost jelly like state.

However before this I poured the solution into my moulds and for some reason put them in an oven, then to find out the resin had turned orange and the moulds had melted. Whoopsy!!!!!

Here is a picture of the resin that didn’t go into the oven.

1st resin try

It looks as though little crystals have started to form in the resin and you can see it pulling away from the edges of the container. Also the colour from the feathers has been washed out almost completely.

I think I will be mixing it as the supplier suggests from now on!

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